What to Know Before Buying an Equine Property

February 1, 2021

Are you interested in buying a horse property?  Whether you are looking for just enough acreage to buy your little girl that pony she is begging for or a large enough property to run a few roping steers, there are a few things you should know…


Equestrian living is the best kind of living!  It’s a wonderful way to “live” your passion and raise your family in a country setting.  Equine properties can provide immediate access to your “lifetime” hobby, teach your children responsibility, and allow you to enjoy your animals, outside your backdoor.


18 Land Company recommends taking the following questions into consideration if you are wondering how to buy a horse property.  Consider how you intend to use your property:

  • Are you a team roper, cutter, pleasure rider, breeder, etc?
  • Do your kids rodeo, horse show, participate in 4-H, etc?
  • Do you need a barn? How large?  Does it need to be heated?  What about other shelters?
  • Do you require space for a round pen, outdoor arena, or indoor arena?
  • What about room for a hot walker?
  • Do you need a corral system?
  • Will you have cattle on your property? If so, what sort of handling facilities will be necessary?


Equine property design can seem overwhelming.  The real question is, do you need these facilities immediately or are you looking to develop the equestrian real estate of your dreams?  Speaking from experience, it seems like we are constantly upgrading our horse facilities to fit our changing needs!  My dream is to one day have the entire property surrounded by metal continuous fencing…. it’s a lifetime endeavor!


What are your goals?  There are many ways to look at equine properties.  Some folks buy a property large enough to raise a crop of hay.  In order to do that, usually the property needs to have some sort of irrigation system.  And, when you think about irrigation systems, water rights immediately come into play.  Raising your own hay can support the animals you have along with generating some income.  Other income can be generated from your equine property by boarding other horses.  This can often be a great arrangement – especially if you can “share chores” with your boarders (particularly when it comes time to take a vacation)!

I’m the kind of person that checks out the horse compartment of a trailer BEFORE the living quarters, but that doesn’t work for everyone! When shopping for a horse farm property, the home is a huge consideration.  What are your needs?  Are you more concerned with the number of bedrooms (for all those horse crazy kids) or do you desire a high-end kitchen with a great view of the surrounding mountains and your prized possessions?   The team at 18 Land Company has first-hand knowledge and experience with equestrian real estate.  We are your experts at buying a horse property that fits your needs. 18 Land Company suggests that you sit down with your family and make a prioritized list of your must-haves and share that with us.  We will get to work searching for the equine property of your dreams so that you can get to work living your best life with the animals you love!

If you have questions or would like to talk to one of us about buying an equine property, we welcome you to contact us at 406.988.0055

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