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Property Management

We provide a full range of land management and consulting services, including setting up leases, assisting landowners with property management, care taking, preparing properties for owner visits, habitat and restoration consulting and more. We are your on-the-ground partners in Southwest Montana.

Farm & Ranch Management

Once you purchase your Montana ranch, the work has just begun. Based on your goals, we can help you make a plan to manage your property and assist with any questions or concerns that arise. If you are a first-time ranch owner who would benefit from management assistance and consulting services, we are here to help you enjoy your land long after the sale.

Water & Stream Management

Water is the single most important aspect of any ranch. Whether you are operating a Montana ranch for production, recreation or aesthetic value, the health and management of the water is vitally important to your success. We can help you understand water rights, maintain and manage the water on the property or develop it for your desired results, like the fly fishing property of your dreams. Our clients benefit from our combined years of experience and a network of professional experts who know this land best.

Wildlife Habitat Management

Possibilities are endless when it comes to producing high-quality wildlife habitats on Montana farms and ranches. If you build a habitat right, the animals will come. Every situation is different depending on the land and the desired outcome. Success comes from identifying a goal and making a plan. We can help you understand what it takes to create successful wildlife habitats and create a comprehensive long-term plan based on your goals.

Admin & Finance

Our full range of services includes consulting and assistance with all aspects of administration and finance. Connect with local experts to receive guidance before, during and after the land purchase. Whether you need help finding a local insurance agent or are seeking accounting or financial management services for a working ranch, we can find the right people to assist with your needs.


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