Keys to a Successful Farm or Ranch Operation

august 1, 2020
There is nothing simple or easy about making a farming or ranching operation both financially and operationally successful.  Sound farm and ranch management requires grit and determination as well as ingenuity and the ability to innovate.  Much of the required knowledge cannot be learned in school and only comes from years of hands-on experience working on or owning and operating a farm or ranch.  At 18 Land Company we would like to assist the farm or ranch owner who does not possess this very important agriculture background by giving them  access to the experience we have gained operating our own farms and ranches along with sound advice based upon this experience.
Successful farm and ranch management will require the individual in charge of the operation to possess knowledge about everything from crops to livestock.  At 18 Land Company we have people who have spent the majority of their lives working in agriculture and managing their own operations.  Our farm and ranch management service can help owners make the decisions necessary to create the best possible outcomes for their individual situation.  Some of the issues we can help with include livestock management, crop management, water and irrigation management, infrastructure maintenance and design, grazing management and fertilizer plans–just to name a few.

Often the best option for a farm or ranch owner is to lease their property to a local operator who will manage the property in accordance with a lease agreement between the two parties.  This can ease some of the responsibilities of management for the owner but still allow them to enjoy the recreational attributes of the property.  At 18 Land Company we can facilitate the ranch leasing process by finding a dependable lessee, helping to value the lease, and helping to structure the lease to the benefit of both parties.

The recreational side of farm or ranch ownership is often the primary reason the property was purchased and at 18 Land Company we have experience with that as well.  Many of the properties the 18 Land Company folks own possess world class opportunities for fly fishing, waterfowl hunting, upland bird hunting, big game hunting, horseback riding, bird watching and off roading.  We have carried out our own projects to enhance these attributes such as water and stream management and wildlife habitat management.  We can put the property owner in contact with excellent sources of advice when it comes to designing ponds and enhancing fisheries as well as recommending an experienced contractor to complete the work.

A very important way that 18 Land Company can assist a farm or ranch owner is through our ranch administrative service which enables us to provide sound advice concerning farm and ranch finance management.  We can also recommend attorneys and accountants that have  strong backgrounds in farm and ranch matters such as water rights and tax concepts specific to agriculture.

At 18 Land Company our primary goal is to help people buy the property that perfectly fits them and then help them enjoy that property after the purchase. We want to alleviate some of the burdens of farm and ranch ownership by creating a great relationship with our clients during the land purchase process and to maintain that relationship by offering a full line of management services based on our extensive experience in agriculture. Please visit the Land Concierge page on our website to learn more about what 18 Land Company can do for you to make your farm or ranch ownership experience the very best it can be.

If you have questions or would like to talk to one of us about farming and ranching in Montana, we welcome you to contact Nate Finch at 406.660.2601 or

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