How to Prepare your Property for Sale

April 1, 2022

Whether you are selling a home, a recreational property, or a farm or ranch, there are a few things you should pay attention to.


Every seller wants their real estate to sell quickly and for a large profit, but it takes more than luck and a hot sellers market to make that happen!  Here are a few tips to help you prepare for the most successful sale:

  • To sell your real estate for as much money as possible, you need to plan carefully and prepare to show it off to buyers! Especially in the home market, many buyers are viewing your home for the first time via a Facetime tour. Keeping that in mind, your home will “show” better with less clutter, clean windows, and with good lighting.

  • An important marketing tool is also a comprehensive website presence. 18 Land Company has an up to date website that provides buyers a great opportunity to view your home, ranch real estate, or recreational property details.  Buyers are, in general, very informed and want to know details about the property.  A website is a great way to share that information so they can decide if the property is right for them!

  • Can we say enough about photos? In order to maximize your selling experience, you MUST have good photos of your property.  Professional photos make all of the difference in attracting buyers.  Especially on farm, ranch, and recreational property, photo quality and selection is the key to enticing buyers to “dial in” to your property!

  • Curb Appeal – this phrase is often associated with home sales. However, it also applies to all other properties!  Disassociate yourself from “your place” and really scrutinize what a buyer will see when they first drive up.  Whether it is a house, a cabin, ranch, or vacant lot – what does everyone else see that you don’t?  Oftentimes, with a little “sweat equity” you can increase the value of your property with just a bit of clean up, paint, weed eating, mowing, minor repairs, or junk pile organizing.  It is amazing how a little effort can pay off in a big way.

  • In terms of selling land, whether it be a large ranch or farm, recreational property, or lot – records are crucial! We recently showed a large Montana ranch which would have been a perfect fit for our buyers, but because they didn’t have any production records, our buyer walked away.

  • Make it easy for a buyer to see the property lines. This is especially critical on small, undeveloped tracts.   A good practice is to flag or mark corners or hard to see boundary lines.  Many buyers will do an initial drive by to see if the property interests them.  If they can tell where the boundaries are, it will make looking further into the property easier!  For the same reason, flag or identify special areas you want buyers to see.

  • When a real estate agent is showing properties to a buyer, it is common to visit several properties per trip. A seller can help an agent make the sale by making their property stand out and be memorable.

Landowners who are unsure where to start when analyzing their property’s aesthetics can ask a real estate agent for advice. Your agent has your best interests in mind and wants to sell your property for the highest price possible. They are there to support you and your goals and market your property’s best assets and values. Your property’s “curb appeal” will make a big difference in how quickly your property sells and for what price.

18 Land Company is a Montana land brokerage company specializing in connecting sellers and buyers.  We now are offering our services in assisting you with home sales and purchase.

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