Why Experience Matters: The Connections Your Land Broker Should Have

September 1, 2020

There is an old adage – Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork – that is totally applicable to your land sale or purchase in Montana.

While experience can be the best teacher, at 18 Land Company, we believe having, and using, our connections makes the outcome of everyone’s farm, ranch, or recreational property purchase or sale better!

So, does experience matter?  Well, that’s an ambiguous question.  It’s sort of like asking, “Does education matter?”  Experience helps you learn about the everyday realities of life.  For most people, a real estate sale or purchase is not an everyday occurrence.  It can be an emotional and stressful time in both buyers and sellers lives.  Our agents strive to use their experience in land transactions and management to make your experience a great one.

We are proud to be “local”…the name 18 Land Company was chosen to represent our connection to Southwest Montana, as well as our focus on the land.  The number “18” is significant, as it appears on Beaverhead County license plates; because we are County 18 in the State of Montana.  Whether buying or selling, our access to a reliable network of professionals such as appraisers, banks, attorneys, surveyors, tax professionals, and financial advisors will assure your transaction is seamless and meets your short- or long-term goals.

18 Land Company has worked to build strong relationships with local state and federal agencies in order to facilitate the transfer of permits associated with ranching operations.

Experience can be the hardest kind of teacher – often giving you the test first and the lesson afterward.  Our goal is to work with our connections in our communities to make your sale or purchase a pleasant endeavor.  Speaking of connections, we employ a strong marketing team.  Together, we work hard to market properties to maximize their sales potential.  Our photographers create beautiful still photos and high-quality videography for the 18 Land Company website. A picture truly is worth a thousand words!  We market our listings both locally and nationally and provide sellers with a free comprehensive market analysis to help determine the correct price point for marketing their property.  See more about our approach here.

We also offer a land concierge service.  Our team works with environmental professionals, soil scientists, fish biologists, hydrologists, and contractors to help landowners achieve their Montana dream while maximizing their property’s potential.  We can help you design and build ponds, water features, and irrigation structures; or advise and assist you on crop and ranch management.  Our goal is to offer straightforward guidance and solutions for your property.  We provide a full range of land management and consulting services, including setting up leases, assisting landowners with property management, care taking, preparing properties for owner visits, habitat and restoration consulting and more. We are your on-the-ground partners in Southwest Montana.

To answer the question, experience and connections do matter.  The idea behind the creation of 18 Land Company was to focus on brokering and managing farms, ranches, and recreational properties here in Southwest Montana where we are most at home and have built trust with our neighbors.  Our local expertise in land transactions and management drives us to provide insight and support for those who are buying or selling land.

When you are ready to sell or purchase, we would appreciate the opportunity to assist you!

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